New Name Hi, Yes, I am rebranding, myself and my company. Infinite Yes Coaching, Inc replaces Wolff Professional Services. Infinite Yes is very close to my heart.  I have achieved a great deal in this life, and done so walking through the darkest of times, my ability to do so comes from my tenancy, my [...]

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“Ok” and a Paycheck

Leadership is required at all levels of an organization for success. Personal leadership, a willingness to to know yourself, to step into a job with ownership, to look for creative opportunities to advance yourself, improve your work, and see that you are an important part of the company. The caveat to this is that a [...]

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Conscious Capitalism and Compassion

One of the best moments of my life occurred last week at The Mindful Leadership Summit in D.C. I attended a break out session titled Conscious Capitalism.  The speaker's name was Raj Sisodia, here is the link to his TED talk: I started crying with joy a few minutes in, and have been consciously consuming [...]

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Compassion Partners with Mindfulness

The Mindful Leadership Summit in DC this past week was an uplifting event.  I am so grateful to have attended. Mindfulness may also be thought of as presence.  As the act of bringing your undivided attention to the here and now. Perhaps not a new concept, but for most a new practice.  As is compassion. [...]

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Proactive Accountability

It's all abuzz, who is accountable for this mess! Accountability is being used like a hammer to punish, to diminish our opponents, to exonerate ourselves at the expense of others.  Is this the way to get the best out of the team you lead? I think it is not.  Especially not if you want to [...]

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That Which Lies Hidden

What is hidden? Are all things hidden, dark and lurking creepy crawly secrets? From an early age we tend to avoid that which we feel we can't control. It is normal for the human mind to hide things from itself. Things that are hard to deal with, or that don't match the idea we want [...]

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You + Compassion = Functional Happiness

Did you see the report this week at 50% of adults are unhappy at work? It is not necesary.  Bringing compassion to work reduces this condition. It is expensive.  From lost productivity to high turn over, the cost of unhappy employees is staggering. It is not functional.  You are only as strong as your weakest [...]

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Compassion vs Insanity

We all know that the world has gone insane with confusion and hatred. How do we choose compassion in the middle of this insanity?  Remember it is insanity. It is insane to think that the color of person's skin determines their worth, character, or ability. It is insane that we are battling each other instead [...]

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Compassion is understanding that all people are suffering, including yourself, taking what efforts and actions you can to reduce, eliminate and stop creating suffering for yourself and others. In the Western world it is best to “keep your problems to yourself”, or to “let go” of your troubles.  This is not a realistic, cost effective, [...]

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There is nothing wrong with you!

Thriving is the essences of abundance.  It is the experience of not wasting your time or energy on conflicts or hamster wheeling that produces no or poor results.  Thriving is taking the most effective path to getting the work done.  Thriving can only occur when compassion is present. To thrive our survival mechanism must be [...]

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