Everything is relationship, it’s time to act and improves your skills with coaching using the Enneagram.

Leaders thrive when they have the edge of understanding others.  Managers can learn to:  Develop their Teams, Retain Talent, and Engage their Teams!  Individuals create relationships.  Relationships are the foundation of all transactions, interactions, and success or failure.

Executive & Management Coaching

Beginning with an interview and assessment to determine key personality characteristics, strengths, and challenges, we work to increase your insight, skills and self-awareness. Outcomes include:

  • Improved professional relationships
  • Increased personal and team productivity
  • Better health and more effective, efficient use of your time.

50 percent of a manager’s time is spent interacting with people. Many managers are great technicians, highly skilled in their area of expertise, but finding that their skills in motivating their employees to excellence need a boost.
1:1 or in small groups managers can learn to assess themselves, their employees, and convert drama or stagnation into motivation and excellence.

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Professional Speaker and Author

Making information accessible to people is Naomi’s specialty. To accomplish this she has written:  You Using the Enneagram, and is currently writing: More Tools for Using the Enneagram.

These are written in a manner that makes the specialized language from psychology use of the Enneagram available to wider audience, specifically businesses, organizations and lay people.

As a speaker Naomi is warm, personable, and very clear about meeting the audiences needs.

Unleashing the Power of Compassion is the motivation behind her work.

Naomi’s works well with all size groups, and with most industries or organizations because her work is about people, and people are in all everywhere.

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Team Coaching & Training

Customizing a team solution is the best way to assure resources are well spent.  Each team has it’s own dynamic, by looking at the dynamic and the manager’s personality together we can target specific issues.   Your department or company may have the same goals as others, but you are not a cookie cutter version of some ideal.  Teams, departments, companies are made up of people, no two people and no two departments are the same.  Customizing trainings around standard tools keep your cost manageable while providing the greatest impact.